FVF Bucarrdi

(KM Bugatti x Major Primadonna)
2010 Chestnut Stallion

Tom and Leola Hansen bought FVF Bucarrdi +/(KM Bugatti x Major Primmadonna) on March 26, 2014, won a tough Region VII Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse Championship with him less than a month later, and never looked back.

“I don’t see myself as a ‘breeder’ in the historical sense,” says Tom.“I’m a horse person.I spent 34 years as a successful veterinarian and I know what a correct, well conformed horse should look like. We were retiring my National Champion hunter, and had been searching – rather extensively – for a replacement. When I saw FVF Bucarrdi standing quietly in the cross ties, I knew he was special. When I saw him move – forget it! – Incredible. “

“Being a horse person, I just liked the way he looked. Quality is always recognizable from the start.”

In the three years the Hansen’s have owned FVF Bucarrdi, he’s won championships at every show he’s been to including 2015 Scottsdale Champion Junior horse AND 2015 Scottsdale Champion AATR Hunter, a testament to both his soundness and his temperament.

For those who are interested in pedigrees, FVF Bucarrdi combines Arabian royalty throughout the ages. Fame VF, Simeon Sanegor, El Shaklan, The Real McCoy, and Ferseyn through his father KM Bugatti, who is himself both a hunter and halter champion. Muscat, Erros, Bask, An Malik, and Naborr through his mother.

Most importantly, his tail female line is a Kuhaylah Ajuz. As Judith Forbis says, Kuhaylah Ajuz is one of the great Al Khamsa female lines recognized as the “first of Al Kuhayl and the dearest and most valuable of the Arabs of Nejd.”[1]Likewise, his tail male line traces to the elite Davenport mare *Reshan, whose sire was a Kuhaylan ‘Ajuz and out of a Kuhaylah Haifiyah of Ibn Huraymis of the Fid’an.[2]

The significance of this cannot be understated.Kuhaylan type horses are known for:

Silhouettes which tend to flow from head to tail. The head has very detailed facial features (prominent veins, tear bones, wrinkled skin, etc.) with extremely broad forehead and great width between the eyes and jaws, very large eyes. Ears seem relatively small. Their disposition is gentle and kind. Kahayan’s combine beauty and muscular strength, and make excellent all-around saddle horses.[3]

FVF Bucarrdi’s elite concentration of Kuhaylan blood plays an important role in his potential as a breeding stallion and contributor to the breed.

“Not very many people breed specifically for hunter horses, which I think is a mistake,” says Tom.“We decided to become founding members of the Arabian Hunter Pleasure Association (AHPA) because my wife and I really believe in the hunter division. I’ve ridden all the disciplines, but enjoy hunter the most because you are really in tune with the horse. Plus, it’s very amateur friendly and accessible to those with busy lives and full-time careers.”

“There is a lot of talk about how to bring new people into the industry. We have the joy and privilege to compete against a lot of talented and successful hunters, and I guarantee you if everyone had a chance to experience the thrill, companionship, and excitement we have with FVF Bucarrdi, they would never want to leave. Our goal is to invite people to look at the Hunter division and breeding to FVF Bucarrdi as an opportunity for competition, camaraderie, and fun.”

[1]The Classic Arabian Horse by Judith Forbis p. 145
[2]Raswan elaborates that *Reshan’s sire was a Kuhaylan ‘Ajuz of Ibn Kardush of the Saba’ah out of a Kuhaylah Haifiyah of IbnHuraymis of the Fid’an. (See photo p204) Tail Female: *Reshan Ancestral Elements Bani Sham/ Davenport, 100.0% – Raswan index


  • 2018 U.S. National Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure AAOTR Jackpot
  • 2018 U.S. National Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure Open
  • 2017 U.S. National Champion Hunter AAOTR 55+
  • 2017 U.S. National Top Ten Hunter Pleasure Open
  • 2017 Scottsdale Champion Arabian Hunter Pleasure
  • 2017 Scottsdale Champion Arabian Hunter, AAOTR 55 & Over
  • 2017 Region 4 Champion Arabian Hunter, Open and AATR
  • 2016 Region 7 Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure
  • 2016  Scottsdale Reserve Champion Arabian Hunter Pleasure, Elite
  • 2015 US National Top Ten Hunter Pleasure, 3rd overall
  • 2015 US National Top Ten Hunter Pleasure, AAOTR 55 & Over, 3rd overall
  • 2015 Region 7 Champion Hunter Pleasure, Junior Horse
  • 2015 Region 7 Champion Arabian Hunter Pleasure AATR 40 & Over
  • 2015 Scottsdale Champion Hunter Pleasure, Junior Horse
  • 2015 Scottsdale Champion Arabian Hunter Pleasure AAOTR 55 and Over
  • 2015 Scottsdale Res Champion Arabian Hunter Pleasure, AATR 40 and Over
  • 2014 Region 7 Champion Arabian Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse
  • 2011 Scottsdale Top Ten Arabian Classic Yearling Colts of Jan. 1 – April 15
Arabian Horse Pedigree for FVF BUCARRDI+/
FAME VF+ AHR*268987 Bay 1982 BEY SHAH+ AHR*134556 Bay 1976
BAY EL BEY AHR*54146 Bay 1969
STAR OF OFIR AHR*61852 Bay 1970
RAFFON AHR*19040 Bay 1961
LETA ROSE AHR*47338 Bay 1968
VERSACE AHR*525640 Bay 1995
PRECIOUS AS GOLD AHR*296213 Chestnut 1984 *EL SHAKLAN AHR*268260 Grey 1975
SHAKER EL MASRI GASB*107 Chestnut 1963
ESTOPA GASB*168 Grey 1965
AUTUMN IN GOLD AHR*207424 Chestnut 1980
CLASSY MCCOY AHR*80289 Bay 1972
JULIEANN AHR*20326 Grey 1961
KM BUGATTI AHR*626552 Grey 2005
SIMEON SANEGOR AHR*466363 Bay 1981 SIMEON SA'AR AHSA*8475 Grey 1978
EL SHAKLAN AHSB*7970 Grey 1975
DAMIRAH AHSB*9708 Grey 1975
DRESDEN AHSA*4232 Grey 1972
SANEGORS LADY D AHR*501452 Grey 1993
DESERET TAOS LADY AHR*395849 Grey 1987 BRIGHT BID AHR*194392 Chestnut 1979
DON IBN BASK AHR*115351 Bay 1974
CG BRIGHT AMI AHR*106194 Chestnut 1974
TARABIN AHR*113520 Grey 1974
VARABI AHR*19523 Grey 1961
BINT SERAFEY AHR*11272 Bay 1956
FVF BUCARRDI+/ AHR*650743 Chestnut 2010 
AFIRE BEY V AHR*342854 Bay 1985 HUCKLEBERRY BEY++ AHR*144007 Bay 1976
BAY EL BEY AHR*54146 Bay 1969
TAFFONA AHR*35297 Bay 1966
AUTUMN FIRE AHR*102604 Bay 1973
*BASK AHR*25460 Bay 1956
DS MAJOR AFIRE AHR*533660 Bay 1996
S S MAGNOLIA AHR*248928 Chestnut 1982 AN MAGNO+++/ AHR*134622 Chestnut 1976
*AN MALIK AHR*86605 Grey 1970
CC MONTESSA AHR*69303 Chestnut 1971
SS SOUFIANNA AHR*135551 Grey 1976
*SOUFIAN AHR*56073 Chestnut 1968
ANNABORR AHR*48429 Grey 1968
MAJOR PRIMADONNA AHR*600660 Chestnut 2002
*MUSCAT AHR*177179 Chestnut 1971 SALON RASB*1412 Grey 1959
NEGATIV RASB*377 Grey 1945
SONATA RASB*433 Chestnut 1946
MALPIA RASB*1349 Chestnut 1958
PRIBOJ RASB*313 Chestnut 1944
MAMMONA RASB*168 Bay 1939
LA SCATTA AHR*455960 Chestnut 1990
TWILITE AHR*266700 Chestnut 1982 *ERROS AHR*167694 Chestnut 1973
EL PASO PASB*2409 Bay 1967
ESKAPADA PASB*1997 Grey 1960
TW SILVER DAWN AHR*159232 Grey 1977
SOTEM AHR*72393 Grey 1971
SMS LATIFA DAWN AHR*104156 Grey 1973

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